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Thursday, March 9 2017, 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

 Join Brock Alumnus and VR Developer Nathan Miller of PopUp VR for a hands on VR demonstration and real world case study in bringing new a new VR product to market.  Revolutionary technology is full of opportunities and yet presents entirely new challenges for figuring out where to connect the dots to your potential audience, both inside and outside the User Experience or technology itself.


This workshop includes first hand exposure and sampling of PopUp VR’s technology and development giving a unique ‘at launch’ look into the challenges of entrepreneurial tech development.

IASC 2P08: Verified Event

Brock University - ST 105

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Science and/or Technology, Talks & Discussions, Workshops & Skill Development, 一 CWC Personal Growth - Expand Interests, Activities, Knowledge

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