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Saturday, March 11 2017, 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

The Brock University Health Sciences Student Council will be hosting our very first Speed Networking event. This event consists of 8-10 professionals in the field of Health Sciences to talk about their experiences in their current profession and how they got there. 

This is not your average lecture or workshop. The reason why we called it "Speed Networking" is because it's design is similar to "Speed Dating". There will be 10 tables, 1 professional sitting at each table with about 7 students. Each table discussion will be around 20 minutes, consisting of (1) an explanation of the professional's job/role (2) process it took the professional to get there (I.e. schooling, applications, previous jobs), and (3) questions from the students. After about 20 minutes, students transfer to the next table, and the process repeats. This allows students to learn about a variety of professions in an efficient amount of time.

Our aim is to give undergraduate students an opportunity to network with experienced and knowledgeable professionals that they learn more about various career choices in the field of health sciences. This will allow students to enhance their understanding of what their degree can lead to and possibly expand future aspirations. Also, this is an opportunity for professionals to promote the work that they do and spark student's interests.

Business-casual event.

Pond Inlet

500 Glenridge Ave. J-block of Mackenzie Chown Complex, St. Catharines, ON
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