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Monday, March 6 2017, 12:00 PM to Friday, March 10 2017, 1:00 PM

Disability Awareness Week is designed to promote awareness on different abilities to create greater equality and inclusion. The week will goes as follows Be With Me videos will be released Monday <arch 6th and Friday March 10th at the beginning and end of the week. These views will show campus accessibility the someone else perceives it as they navigate campus to spread awareness. On March 7th from 6-8PM in Isaacs Bar and Grill we will be having are Disability Art Coffee House. This event is where individuals get to use dance, improv music, art, or poetry to break down the barriers around disability. Acts for the event will be screened ahead of time. Wednesday March 8th from 2PM-5PM is our Service Dog Awareness Day here we will be having a puppy raiser who is raising a future service dog and someone who uses a service dog come into discuss service dogs, service dog etiquette and service dog training. On Thursday March 8 from 1-3PM we will be having our Gender, Sexuality and Disability Forum. Prior to this event, a survey will be circulated around social media to test people's knowledge on the myths, facts and stereotypes on gender, sexuality and disability. The form will also have a spot for people to ask questions on the topic anonymously. These will be used as discussion prompts for the forum. All questions will be screened prior to the event. There will be a panel discussion with A.B.L.E members, Dr. Maureen Connolly and an advocate on gender, sexuality and disability might be Skyping in from Toronto

Brock University

1812 Sir Isaac Brockway , St. Catharines , Ontario
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