Event Time and Date

Saturday, March 25 2017, 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Let's face it, staying connected is tough, right?

We have a variety of channels to connect through: social media, email, video chat, text messaging, you name it - we've got no excuse to NOT be connected. 

What happens when you can't click 'send' or the message just won't go through? What do you do then? What happens when you keep trying to get through to someone, but you never get a response, or when they do respond they say, 'sorry for the late response'? Sometimes waiting for a response, is all you can do. But will you do it?

Come and join Aftershock Ministries for Church on Campus and learn what it takes to "send it" to God. 

Please RSVP by March 20 so we have an idea for numbers. 

Question? Please send us a message or comment on our FB event page. You may also email us at aftershockministries431@gmail.com




Brock University AS202

Isaac brock way