Event Time and Date

Tuesday, February 28 2017, 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Test anxiety is any combination of the following:

   > Trouble sleeping the night before an exam
   > Becoming flustered once you sit down for an exam
   > When your mind "goes blank" during an exam
   > Thoughts and worries before or during an exam that interfere with your ability to study or write

If your worries and test-day jitters interfering with your ability to demonstrate your knowledge during exams - we would like to help! We not only will tell you about the strategies that are proven to be effective to combat test anxiety- we will also practice them with you! Set yourself up for success by attending this 1-hour free information session. Registration required. Free coffee and snacks provided.

Arthur Schmon Tower, Room 401C

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Academic, Health & Wellness, Workshops & Skill Development, δΈ€ CWC Personal Growth - Skill-enhancing workshop