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Teacher Candidate Council (TCC)

This is a group of pre-service education students in teachers college at the St. Catharines Brock University campus. We exist to plan, coordinate, and communicate academic, social, fundraising and community based activities for teacher candidates.

The Brock Philanthropists

A club whose purpose is to put on fun and interesting events for Brock students, while creating a place where those within the university with a philanthropic desire can find an outlet to help others.

The Brock Student Sexual Violence Support Centre (A Safer Brock)

We strive to make Brock a safer place by providing free, confidential, and non-judgemental support to anyone affected by sexual violence and by educating against violence. Sexual violence affects everyone - we are here to help.

The Hype

Create awareness, connect and offer students opportunity with the subject of creative advertising. Help students understand the core principles of creative advertising and offer hands on practical experiences in regards to creative advertising.

The Philosophy Club

The goal of the Brock University Philosophy Club is to bring together likeminded individuals who enjoy engaging debate, thought provoking discussion and unique ideas. Meetings are 4-6pm every Friday in Plaza 308, all are welcome.

This is My Niagara (TIMN)

This is My Niagara is a proactive initiative set in place to inspire a movement towards connecting young talent with small and medium sized businesses in Niagara. At its root, This is My Niagara is building greater Niagara awareness!

To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA)

TWLOHA - BrockU is a UChapter which exists to embody the mission and vision of To Write Love On Her Arms, Inc. TWLOHA is a non profit dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for those struggling with addiction, depression, self injury and suicide.

Training Organization

This page is for ExperienceBU training purposes only.