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Alumni Relations

When you receive your degree from Brock University, you become a valued member of a growing alumni community. You earn something that is the envy of most: a university education from a highly regarded institution.


Brock University Athletics offers 27 Varsity Sports.

Brock Leaders Citizenship Society (BLCS)

The BLCS is a group of exceptional students recognized for a combination of high academic achievement and personal leadership abilities. Members of the BLCS plan initiatives to benefit both the University and the surrounding communities.

Brock Off-Campus (BOC)

BOC (Brock Off-Campus) is a student organization, supported by Student Life & Community Experience, that aims to create and foster a network of Brock students living off-campus in the Niagara region and beyond!

Brock Student Leadership Network (BSLN)

A student-driven network intended to provide an outlet for student leaders to foster continued leadership and engagement throughout their post-secondary education at Brock.

Brock University Golden Key International Honour Society (BUGK)

The Golden Key chapter at Brock University believes in excellence and strives to provide the best environment possible for helping our Golden Key members to achieve in academics, leadership, and service.

Brock University Graduate Business Council (GBC)

The Brock University Graduate Business Council (GBC) is the representative student body for both full and part-time students enrolled in graduate business studies at Brock

Brock University Nursing Student Alliance

This club's purpose is to increase nursing student involvement within the Niagara community by introducing nursing students to one another in order to promote involvement with health-oriented community agencies in the Niagara Region.

Brock University Students' Union (BUSU)

BUSU believes that being at Brock is much more than going to your classes. We offers services, programs, events, student run businesses & involvement opportunities to help enhance your time at Brock. Above all, BUSU is your elected voice to all... (BTV)

At, our mission is to entertain, inform and represent students across campus and in the Niagara community. If you want to know what’s going on or what has happened on campus, check out We have many opportunities for students to...

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