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Seedling for Change

We are an international network of senior, junior, and seed student researchers, organizations across all sectors collaborating with communities to preserve, promote, and expand cultural heritage.

Seedling for Change in History

We are a collective of senior, junior, seed student researchers, and organizations across all sectors and members of Niagara-based communities working to preserve, promote, and expand Niagara's and Latin America's history and cultural heritage.

Sikh Student Association (SSA)

1. Promote Sikh faith,values,teachings and beliefs 2. Show the belief that there is one being, one humanity and all are equal. 3. Community Service

Social Justice Research Institute (SJRI)

The SJRI is one of Brock's transdisciplinary research hubs, bringing together 44 Brock University faculty members representing a range of cross-disciplinary perspectives from the social sciences, humanities, and education.

Solidarity Experiences Abroad (S.E.A.)

Solidarity Experiences Abroad (SEA) program is a unique, short-term, international service-learning opportunity for Brock students, faculty and staff to travel and explore social justice through solidarity, culture and spirituality.

South Asian Student Alliance (SASA)

The South Asian Student Alliance is a club at Brock that provides a hub for students interested in the South Asian community to get together and celebrate different cultural/ religious events. The club attempts to spread diversity throughout the...

Special Needs Activity Program (SNAP)

The Special Needs Activity Program (S.N.A.P) runs on Thursday mornings from 9-12PM in Ian Beddis Gym (Walker Complex) at Brock University.

Sport Management Council (SPMA Council)

The Sport Management Council is striving to enhance student engagement though the Sport Management program.

Student Awards and Financial Aid (SAFA)

The Student Awards and Financial Aid Office is here to help students fund their education through government and university assistance programs, and to recognize student excellence.

Student Health Services (SHS)

Student Health Services provides on-campus medical care to students. SHS delivers a health promotion program that targets individual students’ health and wellness, academic success, experiential learning and fosters a healthy community.

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