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Recreation and Leisure Council (RECL)

Facilitate opportunities for Brock RECL Students interested in creating a greater sense of community within the three departmental streams.

Recruitment and Liaison Services

The team in Recruitment and Liaison Services is dedicated to assisting prospective students find important information about pursuing post-secondary education at Brock University.

Red Frogs

From our legendary hydration stations and chocolate fountain, to random acts of coffee/pancakes/donuts, we're all over Brock all year. You can be the most popular person on rez by requesting the Red Frog Crew to come storm your dorm!

Residence Action Council (RAC)

The Residence Action Council (RAC) is an organization for the students by the students that aims to improve the quality of the residence experience and provide a voice to the residence population.

Rodman Hall Art Centre (RHAC)

Rodman Hall Art Centre is a vital exhibition space for contemporary art serving the Brock University community and the broader Niagara region. It is dedicated to enriching lives by connecting people to art and by providing accessible and meaningful...

Roots African Caribbean Society (ROOTS)

ROOTS African-Caribbean Society is a club that seeks to create solidarity among the African and Caribbean cultures at Brock University. We also seek to display our cultures to the Brock community to educate and entertain its members with the rich...