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Active Minds

Active Minds is an organization dedicated to raising awareness of mental health and suicide among college and university students. School chapter...

Altitude (Altitude@Brock /A@B)

Empower students from underrepresented populations to pursue a career in healthcare by nurturing cascading mentoring relationships with medical and allied health students, to realise their potential professionals reflecting the diversity of Canada.

Architecture Club

The Architecture club at Brock University is a place for dedicated members to extend their skills beyond the classroom and book. Though collaborative projects, site visits, and field trips. The Architecture club offers members an invaluable...

Art Club

It's all about art! We will encourage Fine/ Digital/ Performance art awareness; enhance, enrich and foster club member's exposure to art and creativity through field trips, student exhibitions, and studio time; Increase VISA department presence at...


Brock University Athletics offers 27 Varsity Sports.

Athletics - Athletic Sport Clubs

Athletic Sport Clubs at Brock University are managed by the Camps & Clubs Coordinator of the Athletic Department. Athletic Sport Clubs are student run and mainly student funded with some support and supervision from the Athletic Department.

A-Z Learning Services (Student Success Centre)

A-Z Learning Services provides free academic support for all Brock students to help them achieve their full potential. Register for a workshop or stop by our Drop-In Centre in the Learning Commons for assistance in Math, Science, Writing and Study Skills

Badger's Against Drunk Driving (BADD)

Badgers Against Drunk Driving - Brock University' s student run awareness club , providing resources to all Badgers about drinking responsibly! You Booze. You Cruise. You Lose.

Best Buddies Brock (Best Buddies)

Best Buddies makes friendships between Brock students and people with intellectual disabilities. We host monthly group events and buddy pairs go out twice a month & talk once a week.


Fitness Accountability Club linking Brock students to the adequate facilities to help them reach their fitness goals.

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