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IHI I-CAN Chapter (I-CAN)

To improve campus health by exercising leadership to engage others. Participants will try to help organize and use leadership practices to apply them in field based projects. By using this knowledge, participants will have experience outside the class.

Indigenous Solidarity Coalition @ Brock

Providing the Brock community the opportunity to engage in events that raise awareness and foster activism surrounding Indigenous issues, and aiming to create a more inclusive and respectful environment toward Indigenous Peoples on campus and regionally.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (Brock U IHI)

This club aims to improve campus health, educate individuals on quality improvement, and connect like minded individuals who are striving for a career in healthcare.

International Market Development (IMD)

Questions about studying in Canada at Brock University? We've got answers!

International Students’ Association (ISA)

International Student Association (ISA) is the oldest BUSU ratified-club on campus. ISA bridges communication among international-minded individuals at Brock and international students.

Isaac's Army

If interested in getting involved, making a difference, meeting amazing people and becoming the LIFE of Brock..JOIN THE ARMY! Get involved... make a change, see the change, be the change. JOIN THE ARMY!