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Big Questions Club

A group that discusses hot topics in ethics, culture, religion, philosophy, science, cosmology and more! Discussion is casual. No prior knowledge on topic necessary!

Brock Catholic Students' Association

Looking to get involved this year? The Brock Catholic Students' Association may be for you; whether through engaging faith studies, socials and other events, you are welcome to join your Brock Catholic Community!

Brock Christian Fellowship (BCF)

We are a community dedicated to sharing the love of God with our campus. Through studying the Bible in small groups and meeting for weekly large group meetings, we learn more about Christ and His desire for us to love others. Our mission at Brock...

Brock Faith and Life Centre (BFLC)

Our aim is to help students develop spiritually, emotionally, socially, and academically, and to prepare them for life after graduation. With this aim in mind, we offer a wide variety of activities and programs.

Brock Muslim Students' Association (MSA)

The aim and purpose of the MSA is to serve the best interests of Islam and the Muslim students of Brock University. Toward this end, the Association will: 1. Promote unity and fraternity among the Muslims students; 2. Conduct social, cultural...

Brock University Choir (BUC)

A choir dedicated to spreading the joy of music and friendship regardless of ability, experience, or attention span!

Brock University Coptic Club

Coptic orthodox Christian fellowship club.

Brock University Mandarin Chinese Christian Fellowship (BUMCCF)

The Brock University Mandarin Chinese Christian Fellowship exists to spread the gospel to Brock Chinese students, to strengthen connections between Chinese students, and to improve Chinese students' life both physically and spiritually.

Community Organization - The Foyer Richelieu Welland

The Foyer Richelieu Welland is a non-profit long-term care facility located in Welland Ontario in the Niagara Peninsula, which specializes in improving the quality of life of people with chronic diseases, since 1989.

Power to Change

Power to Change is a movement dedicated to changing the world by helping students discover Jesus. Our mission is to help students experience God's love and forgiveness and become world changers...

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