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Our goal is to educate individuals who are not familiar with the importance of data analytics in our economy and society. By creating the environment for students and industry members to come together in one location.

Department of Dramatic Arts (DART)

The Department of Dramatic Arts presents student productions and performances to the Brock University and regional communities across the academic year. All events are posted on the page for the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts.

Department of Political Science

Department at Brock, hosting talks and film series covering all things political.

DIG - Brock Community Garden (D.I.G.)

DIG - Brock Community Garden is as an outlet for alternative environmental education and action at Brock through the production of local food on campus. As a community initiative, the garden supports learning through personal experience and teamwork.

Dota 2

Brock University Dota 2 Club.