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Aboriginal Student Organization (ASO)

A gathering of student of different nations who come together to share their gifts for the betterment of the Brock community...

Altitude (Altitude@Brock /A@B)

Empower students from underrepresented populations to pursue a career in healthcare by nurturing cascading mentoring relationships with medical and allied health students, to realise their potential professionals reflecting the diversity of Canada.

Alumni Relations

When you receive your degree from Brock University, you become a valued member of a growing alumni community. You earn something that is the envy of most: a university education from a highly regarded institution.

Architecture Club

The Architecture club at Brock University is a place for dedicated members to extend their skills beyond the classroom and book. Though collaborative projects, site visits, and field trips. The Architecture club offers members an invaluable...

Art Club

It's all about art! We will encourage Fine/ Digital/ Performance art awareness; enhance, enrich and foster club member's exposure to art and creativity through field trips, student exhibitions, and studio time; Increase VISA department presence at...

Big Questions Club

A group that discusses hot topics in ethics, culture, religion, philosophy, science, cosmology and more! Discussion is casual. No prior knowledge on topic necessary!

Brock Anime

The Brock Anime club is available for all members of the community. We aim to create a fun and entertaining environment for all who enjoy anime, manga, costumes, and cosplaying, or have a general interest in Japanese culture.

Brock Biological Society

The purpose of Brock Biological Society is to enrich the learning experience of students in biology and related fields.

Brock Catholic Students' Association

Looking to get involved this year? The Brock Catholic Students' Association may be for you; whether through engaging faith studies, socials and other events, you are welcome to join your Brock Catholic Community!

Brock Christian Fellowship (BCF)

We are a community dedicated to sharing the love of God with our campus. Through studying the Bible in small groups and meeting for weekly large group meetings, we learn more about Christ and His desire for us to love others. Our mission at Brock...

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