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Community Organization - Autism Speaks Canada (ASC)

Autism Speaks was founded in February 2005 by Bob and Suzanne Wright, grandparents of a child with autism. Since then, Autism Speaks, along with Autism Speaks Canada, has grown into North America’s largest autism science and advocacy organization.

Community Organization - Bethlehem Housing & Support Services

Bethlehem Housing and Support Services is a multi-service non-profit organization that provides safe affordable housing, targeted programs and support services for people who are designated homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Community Organization - Big Brothers Big Sisters of Niagara Falls (BBBS of Niagara Falls)

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Niagara Falls offers a wide range of mentoring opportunities to meet the needs of our volunteers, children, and families.

Community Organization - Big Brothers Big Sisters, St. Catharines-Thorold & District

There are many rewarding opportunities for Brock students to get involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters. Our most popular program for students is our In-School Mentoring program. This program provides girls and boys with a role model and a friend to talk to

Community Organization - Canadian Blood Services (CBS)

Donate Blood and save lives. On average, every minute of every day, someone in Canada needs blood or blood products.

Community Organization - Canadian Mental Health Association, Niagara Branch (CMHA Niagara)

The Canadian Mental Health Association is a national organization that promotes the mental health of all and supports the recovery of individuals experiencing mental illness.

Community Organization - Canadian Red Cross (Transportation) (CRC)

The Canadian Red Cross volunteer transportation program assists seniors and those in need by providing low-cost, door-to-door transportation in order to access medical appointments, adult day care programs, and rehabilitation programs.

Community Organization - Canal Bank Shuffle

We run a 4 day blues music festival in Thorold every october. This year Oct. 15-18. We need a variety of volunteers.

Community Organization - City of Thorold

The City of Thorold is located in the heart of the Niagara Region and many Brock University student's call this great little city home. We encourage students to get involved in the community and enjoy all that Thorold has to offer.

Community Organization - CNIB Niagara Region (CNIB)

Our flagship volunteer program is the Vision Mate program. Vision Mates provide one-on-one sighted assistance to people in their communities who are blind or partially sighted.

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