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Alumni Relations

When you receive your degree from Brock University, you become a valued member of a growing alumni community. You earn something that is the envy of most: a university education from a highly regarded institution.

A-Z Learning Services (Student Success Centre)

A-Z Learning Services provides free academic support for all Brock students to help them achieve their full potential. Register for a workshop or stop by our Drop-In Centre in the Learning Commons for assistance in Math, Science, Writing and Study Skills

Badger's Against Drunk Driving (BADD)

Badgers Against Drunk Driving - Brock University' s student run awareness club , providing resources to all Badgers about drinking responsibly! You Booze. You Cruise. You Lose.


Fitness Accountability Club linking Brock students to the adequate facilities to help them reach their fitness goals.

Brock International Services

BIS services the international needs of all Brock students. To international students, we provide assistance on understanding immigration Canada policies and regulations, cross cultural issues, health insurance questions and any non-academic...

Brock Off-Campus (BOC)

BOC (Brock Off-Campus) is a student organization, supported by Student Life & Community Experience, that aims to create and foster a network of Brock students living off-campus in the Niagara region and beyond!

Brock University Students' Union (BUSU)

BUSU believes that being at Brock is much more than going to your classes. We offers services, programs, events, student run businesses & involvement opportunities to help enhance your time at Brock. Above all, BUSU is your elected voice to all...

Career Education

Looking for a job? Need support and advice while going to school? Trying to figure out what you can do after graduation? Need to earn some money while you’re going to school? Career Education is the place to come! No appointments are necessary...

Centre for Pedagogical Innovation (CPI)

We help to make teaching and learning better at Brock University by fostering innovation, supporting instructors, being a catalyst for new forms of teaching with our eLearning Initiative and supporting universal design for accessibility.

DIG - Brock Community Garden (D.I.G.)

DIG - Brock Community Garden is as an outlet for alternative environmental education and action at Brock through the production of local food on campus. As a community initiative, the garden supports learning through personal experience and teamwork.

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