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Camp Quality (CQ)

Camp Quality is a volunteer-driven charitable organization that offers free week-long camps and year-round fun days to give kids living with cancer.

Canadian Nursing Student Association (CNSA)

The Canadian Nursing Students’ Association is the national voice of Canadian nursing students. Our goal is to increase the legal, ethical, professional, and educational aspects which are an integral part of nursing.

Career Education

Looking for a job? Need support and advice while going to school? Trying to figure out what you can do after graduation? Need to earn some money while you’re going to school? Career Education is the place to come! No appointments are necessary...

Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH)

The Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) is a teaching and research unit which focuses on the intersection of interactive technologies and the humanities.

Centre for Pedagogical Innovation (CPI)

We help to make teaching and learning better at Brock University by fostering innovation, supporting instructors, being a catalyst for new forms of teaching with our eLearning Initiative and supporting universal design for accessibility.

Child and Youth Studies Society

Provides opportunities for child and youth studies majors to come together to share ideas and meet new students. Engages in a number of activities designed to raise money for charitable organizations. Enhances academic experience through interaction...

Clubs Portal (BUSU Clubs)

Welcome to Clubs Portal! Everything you need as a club executive can be found here! To request access to the Clubs Portal click read more...

Community Learning

Brock University Community Learning is dedicated to encouraging lifelong learning and community engagement in the Niagara region. Our low cost, or free, learning events are aimed to engage both our Brock and Niagara communities.

Community Organization - Autism Ontario - Niagara Region Chapter

Autism Ontario - Niagara Region Chapter is the local branch of a provincial organization. The Chapter provides a variety of support services and programming for families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder across the Niagara Region

Community Organization - Autism Speaks Canada (ASC)

Autism Speaks was founded in February 2005 by Bob and Suzanne Wright, grandparents of a child with autism. Since then, Autism Speaks, along with Autism Speaks Canada, has grown into North America’s largest autism science and advocacy organization.

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