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Art Club

It's all about art! We will encourage Fine/ Digital/ Performance art awareness; enhance, enrich and foster club member's exposure to art and creativity through field trips, student exhibitions, and studio time; Increase VISA department presence at...

Brock Anime

The Brock Anime club is available for all members of the community. We aim to create a fun and entertaining environment for all who enjoy anime, manga, costumes, and cosplaying, or have a general interest in Japanese culture.

Brock Crafting For a Cure (Brock CFC)

Brock Crafting for a Cure is a not-for-profit charity with three main goals. 1. Fundraise 2. Create crafts kits for children in insulation in local hospitals 3. Volunteer in hospitals in the Niagara Region doing crafts with children and youth

Brock Dance

Brock Dance is a student-run club that provides dance classes for beginner to competitive levels in a variety of styles; Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Irish, Ballroom, K Pop, and Contemporary.

Brock English Students' Association (ESA)

Our goal is to better connect English Students to the Department and the Community to help students achieve both academic and social success during their time at Brock.

Brock Fashion HQ

Brock Fashion HQ, is your go to source for all things fashion! From trends to emerging designers to DIY workshops and our annual fashion show!

Brock Film Group Productions

Brock Film Group Productions is a student run group that is backed by Brock University Student Union. The BFGP goal is to take everything learned in lecture and apply the skills to a more hands-on role. Whether your interest is camera work...

Brock Improv

Brock Improv is a club for students to learn and love the Improv lifestyle. We teach our club the basics of improvisation and move into more advance techniques of the improvisational form of Theater. We hold frequent shows for our members to showcase...

Brock Musical Theatre (BMT)

Brock Musical Theatre is a student run organization devoted to creating quality musical theatre for the Brock and St. Catharines/Niagara communities. Brock Musical Theatre is a ratified club under the Brock University Students' Union. It is not...

Brock University Choir (BUC)

A choir dedicated to spreading the joy of music and friendship regardless of ability, experience, or attention span!

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