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Brock East African Student Association (BEASA)

The Brock East African Student Association is an organization to introduce and revive the East African cultures.

Brock ECO (ECO)

Eco is dedicated to raising awareness of environmental issues within Brock and the surrounding community, with a consideration for social justice issues.

Brock Economics Students' Association (BESA)

The Economics Students Association is intended to provide support and help to students majoring in Economics. We intend to raise awareness within students about the career opportunities in Economics, alongside the advantages of majoring in Economics...

Brock English Students' Association (ESA)

Our goal is to better connect English Students to the Department and the Community to help students achieve both academic and social success during their time at Brock.

Brock Faith and Life Centre (BFLC)

Our aim is to help students develop spiritually, emotionally, socially, and academically, and to prepare them for life after graduation. With this aim in mind, we offer a wide variety of activities and programs.

Brock Fashion HQ

Brock Fashion HQ, is your go to source for all things fashion! From trends to emerging designers to DIY workshops and our annual fashion show!

Brock Film Group Productions

Brock Film Group Productions is a student run group that is backed by Brock University Student Union. The BFGP goal is to take everything learned in lecture and apply the skills to a more hands-on role. Whether your interest is camera work...

Brock Fit

Brock Fit is a club whose goal is getting student at Brock more physically active and leading healthier lives. We want to encourage students to exercise by having certain days where we go swim, run or do other types of exercise together. In being...

Brock Food Security Alliance (BFSA)

Our mission at the BFSA is to bring together students from all backgrounds, Business, Economics, Political Science, and Social Justice, to discuss problems and solutions to all food security issues here at Brock, across Canada, and around the World

Brock Generation Screwed (GS)

Generation Screwed is an organization that raises awareness about overgrown government. More specifically, GS promotes the reduction of debt and elimination of deficits at both the provincial and federal level.