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Baking Badgers (BB)

We are looking to get Brock students involved in baking who have little to no experience, as well as nice place to connect with others who love baking!

Best Buddies Brock (Best Buddies)

Best Buddies makes friendships between Brock students and people with intellectual disabilities. We host monthly group events and buddy pairs go out twice a month & talk once a week.


Fitness Accountability Club linking Brock students to the adequate facilities to help them reach their fitness goals.

Bible League Canada

Bible League Canada is a Christian charitable organization providing Scripture placement and training worldwide.

Big Questions Club

A group that discusses hot topics in ethics, culture, religion, philosophy, science, cosmology and more! Discussion is casual. No prior knowledge on topic necessary!


BioLinc helps transform today's leading-edge research opportunities into tomorrow's robust business opportunities by providing students, researchers and private sector companies with a forum to connect, collaborate and commercialize concepts.


Blueprint is an exciting program designed to give student entrepreneurs a chance to develop and grow their ideas and businesses.

Brock Amnesty (BAI)

Brock Amnesty is a student run advocacy organization which seeks to campaign for the protection of human rights of political prisoners, activists, journalists, and marginalized communities domestically and abroad.

Brock Anime

The Brock Anime club is available for all members of the community. We aim to create a fun and entertaining environment for all who enjoy anime, manga, costumes, and cosplaying, or have a general interest in Japanese culture.

Brock Athletes in Action (AIA)

Athletes is a Christian ministry which concentrates on spreading the messages of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to athletes and to their surrounding communities. Brock AIA focuses on students who are involved in the athletic community and are Christian...